2nd, Pune Panchgani classic (unofficial)
2nd,  MVS Coimbatore Criterium
2nd, Gunjur Lake Circuit Race
3rd, Bhartiya city Criterium
5th, BBCh Nandi epic road race
12th, MMSC TCC Criterium
15th, BBCh 100km road race



1st, Nandi hill ITT

2nd, Bangalore Amateur Racing – Inagrual ITT
2nd, Junior ITT, Karnataka State Championships 2013
3rd, Junior TTT, National Championships 2013
5th, Montra ITT
5th, SFS road race (U23 category)
5th, SFS Road Race (Elite men’s category)
5th, BBCh TTT
7th, Nandi Hill Road Race
12th, State Championships road race (Elite men’s category)
15th, BBCh ITT
20th,BBCh April Road Race
27th, TCC Road Race
12th, Chikmagalur District Level road race


1st,BBCh Nandi hill road race (cat 2)

3rd, BBCh June Road race (cat 2)
6th, BBCh Nandi hill road race (Overall position)
9th, BBCh Manyata Criterium


12th, BBCh december road race

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